Monday, 10 November 2014

How to organize a Kitchen

Because of our shifting to new duplex house and other things I took a break and finally we shifted and settled in new house..I planned to post this when I arrange my new Kitchen... :)
Organizing your kitchen can streamline your activities and keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy. All you'll need is some time, a bit of ingenuity & some determination..

It is very tedious job, something that we put at the back of our mind conveniently forget. It is only homemakers who think about how to organize their kitchens. Well, why don't you working women need the kitchen? You may hire a cook but your domestic help will only cook for you. Organizing kitchen is still up to you. But what about the time you will be spending in looking for things every where in a disorganized kitchen? Isn't better to invest some time on organization on one day instead of wasting time every day?

These are the questions raise in my mind. Then I started to organize my kitchen in my way and few ideas from net.. And I thought that it maybe useful for other working women's and newly married girls too... So let us see how Sreshta(me) had organized her kitchen.. :)

How To Organize Your Kitchen:
Organize Kitchen Cabinets: Start the process with organizing your kitchen cabinets. This is the main storage space in your kitchen and also the most chaotic one. Make sure you follow some logic for this part of kitchen organizing. For instance, garam masala has five ingredients. You cannot keep pepper at one end and cinnamon sticks at the other end of your cabinet. It doesn't make sense! You also need to keep things back in their place once you use them or else, the whole effort of organizing will be in vain.

Label All Your Containers:  When you are in a hurry it is not possible for you to guess what ingredient is kept in which container. If you work regularly in the kitchen then you might have a fair idea as to what is kept where but what if you make an unfortunate mistake? You will end up putting salt in stead of sugar in your desserts!

Preparation: Cutting board, knives, measuring cups and spoons, and mixing bowls all go here.

The stove and
ingredients cabinet mainly all spices at one place is easy to cook fast. (First Pic)

If you love to bake, you might find it handy to store your flour, sugar, baking powder, a set of measuring cups and spoons, your favorite mixing bowl, etc. together in one convenient spot.

Cleaning: The sink, dishwasher and surroundings. Soap, gloves, dish pan, drying rack, cleansers, towels, etc.

Keep Electronics Aside: The electronic appliances you use in your kitchen must be segregated from the rest of the utensils. If you keep your toaster on the same slab as your washed vessels, the left over water leaking from the latter will damage your electronic appliance. 

Throw out Garbage Regularly: Don't wait for sweet old weekends to dispose off your garbage. It s a dirty habit because it will make your wet refuse stink and your make your kitchen look like a dump yard. All used plastic cola bottles, covers of bread that is over and all sorts of plastic packets crowd our kitchens week long just because we are too lazy to deal with them.

Kitchen Wipes: Keep at least 4 kitchen wipes handy because you'll need them all the time. Don't just bank on one that will have to go for wash once in a while.

For better house keeping simply follow these tips on how to organize your kitchen well.


  • If you choose to put spices near the stove, make sure they will stay cool and dry. Heat & moisture will spoil the flavor and you will have to them much more often.
  • Liquid hand soap is a must in any kitchen. It's more hygienic than bar soap and there's no slimy soap dish.
  • Find drawer trays that fit your drawers to keep things tidy and in order within drawers.
  • Knives need a special place all their own. Typically knives don't get dull from being used. Instead they get dull from being banged around in a drawer with other knives, utensils or dishes.
  • Keep ingredients of recipes together like Chinese ingredients, or baking ingredients. It saves time plan things ahead, make food beforehand and start organizing.
  • Organize according to how traffic and activities do flow, not necessarily according to how they should flow.
  • Try sorting small hand utensils according to size/length. Keeping the small and the large separated will speed your search for the correct utensil.


  1. Hi , Thanks for dropping by my blog. U too have a cute space here with yummy collections.I loved ur kitchen too n this post is really useful :)

    1. Wooww happy to see ur comment Chitra.. Thank you.. :)

  2. Well organized kitchen Sreshta..Very useful post for people like me.. Luvd ur kitchen a lot.. :)

  3. Wow your kitchen is neatly planned and organised,liked the fridge space and also the cupboards