Monday, 15 September 2014

Bread Halwa


Bread Halwa is yummy traditiona halwa, that is easy to make. Recently I had this bread halwa in my sister's house warming function. I was very pleased with its taste. I wanted to try it at home and asked my sister to get the full recipe in script. I prepared with using sugar syrup  & slightly modified the recipe to suit our taste.. But many people used to prepare this halwa with using milk. Though I tried this recipe for the first time, it came out very well...smiley Ok, let's move on to the recipe..

  • Bread - 6 slices (I used white bread)
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Ghee -for frying
  • Cashews - 10
  • Raisins - 10
  • Cardamom Powder - 1tsp
  • Vanilla Essence - 1tsp
  1. Remove the brown crust and cut bread slices into 4/5 pieces and set aside.
  2. Take a pan, add ghee and heat it. Add cashews, raisins one by one and roast them until they change color and set aside.
  3. In the same pan, roast the bread pieces until they turn to golden brown.
  4. Heat sugar and water in a kadai. When sugar reaches sticky consistency, add essence and cardamom powder to it.
  5. Now add fried bread pieces into sugar syrup & press pieces nicely in syrup. Cook it on low flame and mash the pieces with laddle.
  6. If the water is completely absorbed, then you can add little water in between while cooking so that bread pieces are completely mashed.
  7. Finally add roasted cashews, raisins and mix well.

    Serve hot or cold.
    1. If you are using sweet bread use less sugar.
    2. You can either use or discard the edges of the bread. If you use these, however, the halwa taste will be unique.
    3. Do not deep-fry the bread pieces in ghee, because the pieces will consume more ghee.

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