Tuesday, 21 October 2014

2014 Diwali Recipes: Sweets & Snacks

2014 Diwali Recipes: Here is the collection of easy and simple Diwali sweets and snacks for my readers in one page for quick reference. Click on each thumbnail for the recipes. As a working women I have less time to prepare sweets & snacks. I'll try to post more recipes in coming days.. :) Many people may think that visiting my blog and commenting is waste of time.. Though am not a famous food blogger I am posting my skills in my level.. But encouragement is more important to develop any person's skills.. Anyhow Happy Diwali To All My Readers.. :)
http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/10/vellulipalkova.html http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/10/microwave-palkova.html http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/10/besan-laddu-is-very-simple-laddu-recipe.html http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/08/ragi-peanut-laddu.html http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/09/bread-halwa.html http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/09/bread-halwa.html

http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/09/karam-gavvalu-savory-shells.html http://sreshtaskitchens.blogspot.in/2014/10/ribbon-pakoda-with-millet-flour-diwali.html

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