Monday, 20 October 2014

Microwave Palkova

Palkova is an Indian sweet prepared from Milk.. The usual process of making palkova is time consuming. Palkova involves stirring milk for a long time till it thickens into a solid. It takes 2-3 hours or so usually and involves continuous stirring. Lets see for a quicker version of this palkova using microwave..The taste matches the original version and this delicious, mouth watering microwave palkova can be prepared within 10 mins. I used my mould(stamp) to get a nice design on my palkova.. :) You can find my 5 year old Princy's work here( Stamping on a ball ).. :) I made a ball and Princy had designed the palkovas.. Am happy to involve her in my cooking..She is so excited to do the stamping process(See the tiny palkova which is prepared by princy in the step-wise picture) .. :)
  • Whole milk - 1litre 
  • Sugar - 1/2 cup 
  • Butter/Ghee - 2 tbsp
  1. Take all the above ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and mix it well. The bowl should be deep as the milk will keep boiling over.
  2. Place in microwave for 3 minutes. Keep an eye on it all the time.
  3. Open the microwave. Wait for a minute(Milk will be boiling), then carefully take out and stir and continue with the minute.
  4. Do it again for a minute. Stir and put it back in. Keep doing this till your palkova gets a smooth texture and is not watery.
  5. Finally, take all the mixture into a plate and form a lemon sized balls and place them into a big plate. Then press gently with your mould on a ball to get design on palkova as shown in the picture. Keep in mind that it hardens when it starts to cool.

on it all the time. If it rises, take out and stir and continue with the minute. - See more at:
on it all the time. If it rises, take out and stir and continue with the minute. - See more at:
Your Microwave Palkova is ready.. :)

  • Use a big microwave bowl. I used a big pyrex bowl. The milk boils and splits out if we use small bowl.
  • Keep an eye at all times since the milk will overflow.
  • Do not keep the milk in the microwave and walk away for the 2 minutes or one minute. You will have to keep an eye and stop the microwave when the milk begins to rise and start it again until the 2 min or 1 min is up. Then take it out and stir. Put it back in for the required time.
  • The timings will vary depending on the microwave. It took me 8 minutes.
  • Grease ghee to the mould now and then when it starts sticking.
I used a big pyrex bowl

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